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Toddler Classroom

Ages 2 years - 3 years

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Our Schedule

Moving up from the infant room to the toddler classroom means adding more structure within your child's daily schedule. Having consistent daily routines helps your toddler with learning and helps them feel a sense of control and feeling safe and confident about their day.


Meal times are an opportunity to learn social skills, healthy eating habits, independence, and table manners. Children are provided time to develop social skills while eating and visiting with each other. Many fine motor skills are used during the snack period.

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Imaginative Play

This choice time gives the children an opportunity to engage and explore a variety of activities: using their fine motor skills to manipulate small objects, discovery of cause and effect through science activities, and time to play and socialize with peers. You will see the children engaged in activities such as sensory play or using imaginary/dramatic play to explore
various roles people have in the world. Cozy areas and books are available for children in need of alone or quiet time as well.

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