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Child Care 0-24 mo.

Our infant room is for children under the age of 2. We will help your infant through those first two critical years of life when their body and mind grow at a rapid rate. We make sure to pair with your family's goals for your child and views on the care program you want your child to have.

Meals: We support both breastfeeding and formula fed families. When your child is ready for table food we work with infants on learning to eat through a variety of approaches. This can include anything from purees starting at 4 months to waiting to do baby led weaning at 8 months, and every option in between. As your child grows we will work with them on large and fine motor skills to prepare them for the toddler room.

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)

If we are unable to fulfill your child care needs due to our limited openings, you can check out CCR&R's website for assistance in finding alternate care.

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