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Jolie Keigley

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My Story

My Education and Training

Degrees and Credentials:

  • In Process: BA in Elementary Education from WGU


  • Infant/Toddler Education:

    • Baby Doll Circle Time

  • Preschool/School-Age Trainings:​

    • Early Childhood Environmental Ratings Scale (ECERS)​

    • Passport to Early Childhood Education: Preschool Development

  • Social/Emotional Education and Inclusion Trainings:

    • Self-Regulation vs Compliance: Considerations to Help Neuro-Divergent Children in Our Programs

  • General Child Care Education and Trainings:

    • First Aid and CPR

    • Universal Precautions for Early Childhood

    • Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

    • Essentials Child Care Preservice Series

    • Passport to Early Childhood Education: Teacher and Staff Orientation

    • A Chance of Awesome: How Changing the Way You See Changes Everything

    • Happiness is running through the streets to find you even during a pandemic

    • My Kid Would Never

    • Building Resiliency for Caregivers and Children

    • Early Childhood Philosophy "Speed Dating”

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity Education:

    • Dirt made my lunch

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